Can browsing a website cause a kernel panic in OS X? That just happened. Thanks, @nclud!

— Jason Garber (@jgarber) March 6, 2012

@jgarber @nclud Happened here too!

— Brian Barbutti (@barbutti) March 6, 2012

@notasausage @nclud very pretty. sadly it crashed my safari. maybe I should use chrome. cc:@alexgiron

— Rob Hunter (@trueitalic) March 6, 2012

I was checking out @nclud's new site and then this happened. I'll take those buttons and ping pong balls now… :)

— Matt Downey (@mattdowney) March 6, 2012

“@jonikorpi: Welp. the new nclud site is pretty crazy.” + It crashed my Macbook Pro! Had to do a force restart!!!

— Chris Mousdale (@Chrisedmo) March 6, 2012